Up to things

Haven’t really been doing anything lately. I’m working on my completely redesigned website at www.mxsix.com . I’ve been getting more into web design. School seems like it’s getting harder. I think I’m just getting lazier.

I have to write a damn essay today. I can’t think of anything I dislike more than writing for an assignment. It’s all the same bullshit. I hate how the english teachers say, “See, the hat symbolizes the (character’s) inability to face his fears.” Why can’t it just be a damn hat? Maybe the author didn’t put messages in their writing and the english department is blowing things way out of proportion. Man that pisses me off. Enough of my rant.

Dinkin flicka.


One Response to “Up to things”

  1. rosastanley26211 Says:

    Take care of yourself Tammer and don’t push your self soo very hard. If you are sick slow down and get it taken care of before you try to push too har Click https://zhoutest.wordpress.com/

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